Your Walla Walla River Sweet Onion Growers

  • Bob Evans
    Randy Hamada
    Alan Hamada
    Harry Hamada

  • Barry Hamada
    Brian Hamada
    Ambrose (Bud) Locati Jr.
    Michael Locati

Meet The Hamadas

Walla Walla Growers, Hamada Family

The Hamadas — Alan, Harry, Randy, Barry and Brian — have been involved in raising and packing Walla Walla River Sweet Onions for most of their lives. It began in 1906 when Jikichi Hamada immgrated to the United States from Japan and started farming vegetables in the Seattle area. During World War II, Jikichi, his wife and their seven children were relocated and confined to an internment camp. During the internment the farm was lost. After the war the Hamada family settled in the Walla Walla Valley and began raising onion seed. As the family grew, grandsons, Randy and Barry learned to raise Walla Walla River Sweet Onions from their dad. Alan and Harry began their own farm in 1975. Another grandson, Brian, has been raising Walla Walla River Sweet Onions since 1984. It has been over sixty years since the Hamada family started a new life in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley, and their Walla Walla River Sweet Onion tradition continues today.