Look for Walla Walla River Sweet Onions at
most Major Retailers June thru August

How to find Walla Walla River Sweet Onions in Southern California
Walla Wallas are an artisan product, hand-harvested and only available for a short time once a year. But that doesn’t mean they’re hard to find.

Know the Season
Walla Walla River Sweet Onions are harvested from June to September. And the first batch makes their way down to the southland around mid-June.

Ask your Produce Manager
They’ll know whether they’re receiving a shipment of Walla Wallas. And when they’re due to arrive. Walla Wallas are so popular they’re usually stocked by all the major supermarkets, but if they’re not in your store, now’s the time to ask for them. Produce Managers always want to know how to serve their customers better.

Look for the Walla Walla sticker
You can tell the difference just by looking. Generic sweet onions are smaller and “messier” looking. Walla Wallas are big, plump, magnificent onions. But just in case, look for the Walla Walla River Sweet Onion sticker. It’s a badge of honor!

Find more help online
If there’s no store in your neighborhood, try ordering online. Visit WallaWallaRiverPacking.com to order online. The store is only open during Walla Walla season though—June to September.