the rose onion

A decade in the making, this unique Walla Walla Rosé Sweet Onion was worth the wait! Michael J. Locati grew this proprietary onion with the help of his uncle, a process that started when Michael was still in high school. He took the love and passion he had for agriculture and the Walla Walla sweet onions he grew up with, and created something rosey. This is a beautiful onion with the coloring of a red, but the sweetness of a sweet onion. Only available from the Walla Walla region, these Walla Walla Rosé Sweet Onions are here to delight your senses during all of your favorite sweet summertime gatherings.

walla walla rose availability

our sweet onion

Sweet onions without the burn. Learn more about what makes a Walla Walla River Sweet Onion unique to other sweet onions.